The Hermann Paul Centre for Linguistics is a central scientific institution of the University of Freiburg. The Hermann-Paul-Centrum brings together researchers from different disciplines and faculties whose common research interest lies in the study of language. Language is approached from different directions:


  • Language as a means of communication
  • Language in its origin, development and variability
  • Language in language production and processing
  • Interdependencies of different languages (language contact)
  • Language teaching and language acquisition


The Hermann Paul Centre offers a framework for questions such as those mentioned above, in which a scientific exchange is to take place. The primary responsibilities and aims of the Hermann Paul Centre include


  • interdisciplinary research
  • promotion of young academics
  • continuing education


The inter-faculty and interdisciplinary Centre for Linguistics is intended to provide impulses both in teaching and in research, both within and outside the university. In research and teaching, the Centre bundles the linguistic competences available at the University of Freiburg and makes them visible, both within and outside the university. The Centre for Linguistics also promotes cooperation with foreign linguistic research institutes and serves as a model for further interdisciplinary cooperation in research and the promotion of young academics at the University of Freiburg. 


The Hermann Paul Centre is a member of LingNet, a Europe-wide network of linguistic research centres.