Language, Communication & Cognition

This is the Lecture Series "Language, Communication & Cognition", organized by the linguistics departments of Freiburg. Researchers from Freiburg and guests present their current research in weekly meetings. Everyone interested in linguistics is invited to join!

The lecture series will take place on Fridays, 10 a.m. - 12 p.m in HS 1021, KG 1.

Winter semester 2023/24

Date Presenter Topic
27 Oct 2023 Svenja Bonmann (Cologne), Jakob Halfmann (Würzburg), Natalie Korobzow (Würzburg)

Deciphering the unknown Kushan script

03 Nov 2023 Uta Reinöhl, Naomi Peck Information for M.A. students
10 Nov 2023 Paul Widmer (Zurich) HYBRID (Zoom-Link) Diversität poetischer Sprache
17 Nov 2023 Sandro Sessarego (Austin, Texas) HYBRID (Zoom-Link) Language Revitalization and Cultural Activism: Strategies to Document the Afro-Hispanic Varieties of the Americas
24 Nov 2023 Nina Dobrushina (Tübingen) HYBRID (Zoom-Link) Language ideology in an endogamous society: The case of Daghestan
01 Dec 2023 Lars Johanson & Eva Csato ONLINE (Zoom-Link) The Creativity of Languages in Code-Copying
08 Dec 2023 Uta Reinöhl (Freiburg) HYBRID (Zoom-Link) Endangered languages, orality, literacy, coloniality and heteronormativity
15 Dec 2023 Peter Arkadiev (FRIAS, Freiburg) HYBRID (Zoom-Link) Case in head-marking languages: towards a comprehensive typology
Winter break
12 Jan 2024 Marie Klatt (Freiburg) Kooperation in Nichtzustimmungen. Multimodale Analysen der kindlichen Nichtzustimmung auf lokaler action- und globaler activity-Ebene in Eltern-Kind-Spielinteraktionen
19 Jan 2024 Carolin Müller-Spitzer & Samira Ochs (IDS Mannheim) Corpus-linguistic approaches to person reference
26 Jan 2024 Lotte Sommerer (Freiburg) /Go to church/ or /die in prison/: PPs with bare institutional nouns in the history of English
02 Feb 2024 Naomi Peck (Freiburg) Untangling complexity: bottom-up approaches to verb serialisation
09 Feb 2024 James Costa (Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle) tba